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James White tintypes, c. 1872
Ellen G. White tintypes, c. 1872
Ellen G. White tintypes, c. 1872
White family portrait, c. 1864
White family portrait, c. 1864: The Picture was taken about the time when the vision on health reform was given. James Edson (right) learned printing from his father James White, when he was only 15.  He became an expert at the trade, and the first Ad-ventist to learn to set both words and music for hymnbooks (see shelf below).  Willie, father of Arthur L. White, stayed with his mother after James White's death, served as her assistant until she died in 1915, and then continued to care for her estate.
White family portrait, c. 1865
White family portrait with Adelia P., ca. 1865
The White Brothers, Henry (left), Edson (middle) and Willie (right), cir. 1862: There was a fourth son, John Herbert, born Sept. 20, 1860.  He died that same year, in December. Henry died December 8, 1863, at the age of sixteen years, three months. Edson and Willie lived to old age.
Edson and Willie White, c. 1865
James Edson White, c. 1865
James Edson White: The photo was sent by EGW to Mary Foss; Original in possession of Judy Small, RFDI, Box 2111, Hebron, Maine
James Edson White, c. 1876
James Epson White in the 1870's. Edson served as a member of the committee that launched the Sabbath School Worker, and even managed the Pacific Press for a time.  His lack of financial ability made him something less than successful in the latter venture. Photograph by the REVIEW AND HERALD PUBLISHING ASSN. Takoma Park, D.C.
James Edson White, c. 1870
James Edson White in 1906, By this time Edson had moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where his Herald Publishing Asso¬ciation had grown into the Southern Publish¬ing Association. He contineud to take an active interest in the affairs of the South¬ern Missionary Society and to write children's books.
James Edson White at about 1916. In later life, Edson White retired to Marshall, Michigan, where he produced stereoptican slides for Adventist evangelists. A pioneer in this audio-visual work, he used to travel, giving slide lectures about his work among the black people of the South.
James Edson White - Funeral
Emma White (Mrs. J. E), c. 1876: Edson White married Emma McDearmon on his 21st birthday.  Emma served at Edson's side through every conceivable difficulty, financial and spiritual.  She was especially adept at teaching black adults who had been deprived of education.  She died in 1917.  Edson lived until 1928. Emma's sister Hattie, married Frank Belden, Edson's cousin.
Emma White (Mrs. J. E), c. 1876
Emma White (Mrs. J. E), c. 1876
James Edson  White residences V-Card
Central Stereopticon Exchange
James Edson White cottage once used as office of Southern Missionary Society, Edgefield, Tennessee
James Edson  White residences. Granary. Edgefield
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