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Weekly Question Box, Battle Creek Sanitorium
Battle Creek Sanitorium, Battle Creek, Mich.
Battle Creek Sanitorium. Health Reform Institute, Battle Creek, Mich. 1868
Battle Creek Sanitorium 1890
Battle Creek Sanitorium
Battle Creek Sanitorium
The Medical and Surgical Sanitorium, Battle Creek, Mich., Established 1866
Battle Creek Sanitorium. J. M. M. + B. A. representatives at Marshall (Mich.) courthouse
Banquet served the Michigan Laundrymen's Association by the Battle Creek Sanitorium, May 20, 1913
White Estate; Health Center Hospital Building
Battle Creek Sanitorium. Dining room decorated for Christmas in late 1930s. The Italian marble fountain in the center is being restored through the efforts of the Battle Creek Historical Society and Federal Center employees
Main entrance of the Battle Creek Sanitorium decorated for Christmas around 1920
Battle Creek Sanitorium
Battle Creek Sanitarium. Birds eye few of Sanatorium Union School in Distance, Stereoptican views
Battle Creek Sanitarium. Parlor
Battle Creek Sanitarium. View from the north
Battle Creek Sanitarium. North entrance
Battle Creek Sanitarium. Sanitarium Plazza
Battle Creek Sanitarium. Electric bath room
Battle Creek Sanitarium. Treatment rooms
Battle Creek Sanitarium. Gymnasium room
From the belfry of college looking over sanitarium grounds to Main St. in the village
Battle Creek Sanitarium. Phonograph in Sanitarium Parlor
Battle Creek Sanitarium. Flower garden
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