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British Mission house, Ravenswood, Shirley Road, Southhampton. Missionaries in Council: Mrs. Ings, Miss thayer, Mrs. Gardner, D. and M. and Mrs. Loughborough. H. L. Jones, Mr. Ings, Mr. Gardner, Eld. Haskell, Eld. Loughborough
1st SDA Chapel outside N. A. - Tramelan
1st SDA Chapel outside N. A. - Tramelan
Tramelan, Switz.
House where E. G. White stayed in Torre Pellice, 1885-1888
Hall in Torre Pellice, Italy, where Sr. White spoke
Publ. House, Christiana, Norway
THE REFUGE OF THE WALDENSES DURING YEARS OF PERSECUTION"Behind the lofty bulwarks of the mountains,--in all ages the refuge of the persecuted and oppressed,--the Waldenses found a hiding-place. Here the light of truth was kept burning amid the darkness of the Middles Ages. Here, for a thousand years, witnesses for the truth maintained the ancient faith." "They were never lonely amid the mountain solitudes. They thanked God that He had provided for them an asylum from the wrath and cruelty of men. They rejoiced in their freedom to worship before Him." Great Controversy, pp. 65, 66. In the small photograph you can see the humble building in Torre Pellice, Italy, where Ellen G. White spoke to the believers and friends in that place.
CHAPEL INTERIOR, TRAMELAN, SWITZERLANDHere in our first Seventh-day Adventist overseas' meetinghouse, Sister White in 1886 preached a sermon dedicating the small house of worship to God. This was but the first of many beautiful Sevent-day Adventist churches found today throughout the continent of Europe. (5)
ADVENTIST EUROPEAN HEADQUARTERS' BUILDING IN BASEL, SWITZERLANDThis large, well-arranged building with a printing office on the ground floor, was completed in 1885. During her two years in Europe, Sister White did much writing there and spoke often in the chapel to workers from many parts of Europe gathered in council meetings. Notice curtains at the windows on two of the upper floors. This portion of the building, divided into apartments for publishing house employees, became home to Sister White and the other workers who came with her from America. Mrs. White is a member of the group standing on the front stairs. The picture was taken on September 27, 1885. (2)The Publishing house in Basel. The third floor was reserved for family apartments. Mrs. White's rooms were at the front of the building, overlooking the park.
View of part of Christiana taken from the king¥s palace. The church to the left is the Catholic church. Our building is immediately to the right of it. The church in the center is the Lutheran Trinity church.
Prison Sweden
New dorming house, Friedensau
Torre pellice, italy_ topright - Maison J. Glise ‡ Tarames_ bottom - 1st SDA Ch
Maison J. Glise ‡ Tarames.
1st SDA church in Europe - Tramelan, Switzerland.
Bobbio Pellice - Panorama
Bobbio Pellice e le alpi
Basle/Basel, Switzerland
House where E.G. White stayed in Torre Pellice, 1885-1888
Interior of Tramelan, Switz Church
Vaudois Valley, Torre Pellice, Italy
Vaudois Valley, Torre Pellice, Italy
Vaudois Valley, Torre Pellice, Italy
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