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Crew of the S.D.A. Missionary schooner "Pitcairn". G. A. Anderson (Sailor), Chas. Turner (Steward), H. N. Garthofner (Sailor), J. M. Marsh (Captain), Chas. Kahlstrom (Sailor), J. Christiansen (Mate), Peter Hansen (Sailor), J. I. Tay (Carpenter).
Seventh-day Adventist missionary ship "Pitcairn"
Seventh-day Adventist missionary ship "Pitcairn" the evening before it was launched.
Only way to arrive on this island of rocky cliffs, a longboat is winched into a boathouse at Bounty Bay. These 36-foot-long diesel workhorses must brave crashing surf to carry people and cargo between Pitcairn and visiting ships. Smaller sheds house skiffs and log canoes used for fishing. (color)
Pitcairn Island (color)
Best excuse for a party, a birthday brings together nearly everyone on the island. This dinner at Pastor Thurman Petty's house (right) is a triple celebration: for six-year-old Darralyn Warren, 13-year-old Ron Christian, and the pastor himself. Each family brings a generous portion of such Pitcairn dishes as pilhi (breadlike pudding), pota (cooked greens), and humpus bumpus (fried banana burgers). These names hint at the unique flavor of the island's homegrown language, a jaunty concoction of 18th-century English, Tahitian, and nautical lingo. (color)
Pitcairn (color)
Making contact with the rest of the world, Tom Christian broadcasts on an amateur radio as his mother-in-law, Millie, left, daughters Raelene and Darlene and wife, Betty, listen in. Tom also runs Pitcairn's telegraph station, which send cables through Fiji and communicates with ships that pass near the island. (color)
Barefoot farmers John Christian, 87, and his wife, Bernice, 83 (above), carry sweetpotato cuttings for planting in their garden. (color)
On the main road in Adamstown, Pitcairn's sole settlement, avocados are distributed at a share-out (left), a method once used by British seamen. As one person points to a pile, another, back turned, names the family to receive it. (color)
Facing choppy seas, half the people of tiny Pitcairn Island - most of them descendants of Bounty mutineers - return in a single boat from an outing. (color)
Taking a break from an endless string of chores, Charlotte and Charles Christian relax in their kitchen. Pitcairn houses are built with dunnage lumber thrown overboard by passing ships, acquiring a roomy but ramshackle appearance. Runoff from metal roofs provides all drinking water. (color)
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Der Weg zu Christo in 46 Sprachen. Pressestand des Advent-Verlags (E.V.) Köln 1928. The way to christ in 46 languages. Press stand of Advent-Verlag Cologne.
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