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General Conference Session 1913; Motto: [Receive ye the Holy Spirit]; Group Photo
European Delegation in Attendance at Worlds Conference, Washington, DC, May 15-June 8,  1913
General Conferecne 1913
General Conference Session 1913; Motto: Receive ye the Holy Spirit; Group Photo
S. D. A. General Conference, Takoma Park, Washington D.C. ("And here is where Elder Bollman and I sleep. We have all this building to ourselves")  AND Review & Herald Publishing House. ("This is where I work evenings")
S. D. A. General Conference, Takoma Park, Wahington D. C.
The Office of the General Conference and Mission board, and of the Review & Herald Publishing Assosiation, 222 North Capitol Capitol St., Washington D.C.
The General Conference Administration Building. Takoma Park, Wahington D.C.
General Conference Office 1921
Review and Herald with Seventh-day Adventist General Conference building in background, Takoma Park, Washington DC
General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
General Conference and Review & Herald 1906
A genral view of the Building of the Review & Herald Publishing Assisiation in Takoma Park, Wahington, D.C.
"Remember your friends of Washington D.C." 1919, DF115
General Conference, Review & Herald
S. D. A. General Conference Office
The General Conference Administration Building, Takoma Park, D.C.
Review and Herald, D.C. Press
Columbia Union College. The foreign Mission Seminary. Takoma Park. Washington D.C. First Campus Trees had just been cut off and left it very muddy. First road. No sidewalks.
Columbia Union College. Group Photo
The Campus, Foreign Missionary Seminary, Takoma Park, D.C.
Columbia Union College. Group picture
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