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SDA Church, Town of Convis. The drawing was taken from the rare old History of Calhoun County, Michigan, by H. B. Pierce. The Convis Meeting-House was built in 1869, and dedicated on Christmas of that year by Eld. J. N. Andrews. Among the charter members were Thomas Lane, John Sisley, Solomon Sellers, Charles Brackett, etc. Elders J. B. Frisbie and M. E. Cornell organized the church. The Adventist pioneer ministers frequently spoke in the "sacred place".
South Lancaster Village Church, South Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1878
Meeting House 1857-1867 (color)
South Lancaster Village Church, South Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1878, better quality
Andrews University
Andrews University. College Administration Building
Andrews University. Scene on St. Joe River, Berrien Spr.
Berrien Springs, MI. (Andrews University)
Temporary chapel at Emmanuel Miss. College
Temporary School buildings (rented), Emmanuel Missionary College
W. W. Prescott, EMC Smith Hall
Temporary buildings (rented), Emmanuel Miss. College
Andrews University
Andrews University Campus
Avondale College
Avondale College. Property of A. H. Piper
Avondale College. The old Chapel (color). Evondale Estate. The 1500 hectare estate was purchased by the SDA church in 1895. ´The Old Chapel´or College Hall as it was originally known, was completed in 1898 as a focal point of Avondale College. It has been refurbished to become a Students´ Centre.
The Avondale School
Early Avondale College logo
Student body Avondale (1898). Australian Missionary College Class of 1898. Prof and Mrs. Hughes are in center (with beart). A. H. Piper standing at right (moustache)
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